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Recent courses in France and at the International (March 2017)

Courses in France and Belgium:

- Mr Claude Marty has completed 5 speeches: "Business Intelligence & Risk Management" course for 2 half-days for 30 INSA students in Rouen.
Course entitled "Industrial maintenance" given over 12 hours at the ITII of Evreux before 8 students. "Industrial corrosion" course on 3 half-days to 15 students of the Ecole Supérieure of Construction Engineers of Caen (ESITC).
"The day before: a necessity for business" course for 60 students of the Higher School of Engineers in Electrical Engineering (ESIGELEC) for 2 half-days.
"Project Management" course in front of 45 students of NEOMA Rouen.

- UT Lannion: Mr Jehan-Eric Blumereau gave his course "Exploration contracts - oil production" to 10 students for 5 half-days.

- "Planète Energies": Jean-Claude Sétier attended Jeanne d'Albret secondary school in Pau for 30 days. 30 students from 3rd grade attended.
Mr Jean-Paul Xavier intervened in this same school before 60 students of 2 classes of 4ème.
Mr Xavier also visited two half-days at Clermont College in Pau to make an intervention before 60 students of 3rd classes.

- Ecole des mines de Douai (EMD): Mr. Etienne Moreau spoke for 32 hours to 32 students for his "Introduction to Geosciences & Reservoir Engineering" course.

- Mr. Michel Blanc has given his "Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance" course four times: He has traveled twice to the Institute for an Industrial Safety Culture in Toulouse,
in front of 50 students of which 30% About 4 half-days and then 15 students on 2 other half-days. 20 students from Sciences Po (IEP Paris) took part in this course for half a day as well as 9 students from six nationalities of an engineering level from the INSA of Toulouse on 2 half-days.

- Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie et de Physique de Bordeaux (ENSCPB): Mr Jean-Claude Sétier spoke on 2 half-days before 20 students from 3A who took the HSEQ specialty in the last year.
This intervention followed a first intervention of 6 hours that he had given 2 weeks before.

- Mr Jean Dhoore gave his course "HR - Career Management and Competence Development" on a half day before 23 students in Materials Science from UPMC Polytech'Paris.
15 students from the UMons-FPMs in Belgium were also able to benefit from this course on half a day.
Mr Dhoore gave another course titled "Human Resources Management at Total" to 19 students from UPMC Polytech'Paris.

- School of Industrial Systems Engineering (EIGSI) in La Rochelle: 55 students of the 4th year on Fossil Energies attended Michel Laborde's course
entitled "Refining - Petrochemicals, Fossil Energies".

- ULB - EPB in Belgium: over two half-days, Mr Patrick Brennet gave his course "Safety in chemical plant" to 15 students.

- Mr. Jean-Marie Dédéyan gave his "Major Risk Prevention" course to 21 students from CELSA (Paris-Sorbonne IV) for 6 half-days.


Courses at the International:

- Bolivia: As part of an integrated week (5 half-days of courses), Mr Jean Béra gave his course "Offshore Drilling: Techniques and Activities"
to 23 students of the Escuela Militar de Ingeniería (EMI) in La Paz.

- Mr François Teillard traveled to the United Arab Emirates for 3 interventions in three different schools. He gave his course "Sustainable Development and Alternative Energies"
to Master students: 55 UAEU students in Al Aïn (5 half-days), 45 students from Paris Sorbonne University of Abu Dhabi (6 half-days) And 32 students from Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi (4 half-days).

Courses - February 2017

At the International in February :

Mr Daniel Manginot spoke on 5 half-days at the University of the Witwatersrand, a university institution in South Africa in Johannesburg. 19 students of different nationalities, South Africa, Mozambique, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire ..., were able to attend this course entitled "Refining Industry".


In France in February :

Mr. Abdelkader Chaouch gave a lecture on "Seismic Techniques for Petrolueum Exploration" on 20 hours and before 12 students of the IUT of Lannion.

Over 3 half-days, Mr Didier Gaffet gave his course entitled "Le raffinage" to 17 students of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Ms. Christine Gastinel took part in her "Intercultural Communication and International Management" course for 6 hours before 70 students from Ecole Centrale de Paris. She gave this same course to the EIGSI of La Rochelle, on half a day, to 21 students of BTP starting to study at the EIGSICA in Morocco. Lastly, she taught her "Communicate Internationally" course to 107 students of the 4th year of EIGSI.

Mr Marc Ducros gave his course "An example of Hydrocarbon Geopolitics in Southeast Asia and Japan" to 8 students of the Special School of Public Works for Building and Industry for 1 half day.

The "Activities, Processes and Trades in the Petroleum and Chemical Industries" course of Mr. Jacques Legrand was solicited by ENSC Lille. 80 students participated.

Mr. Jean-Claude Sétier taught "Environment" on 2 half-days to 49 students of Bachelor 3 of the University of Orléans Faculty of Sciences. He also made a "Planète Energies" intervention for 64 primary students (2 classes of CM1 and 1 class of CM2) over 3 half-days.

28 students from ENSEGID Bordeaux, a mixed audience of future petroleum geologists and hydrogeologists, were able to attend the course "Modeling geological reservoir" of Mr. Laurent de Walque. He also gave his course "Geological modeling of basin" to 4 engineering students, in 5th year in Geology, UniLaSalle Earth and Sciences.

Mr Philippe Persillon spoke to GEM-ESC-INP-ENSE3 Grenoble for 3 half-days in front of 26 students for his «Introduction to oil exploration and production» course.

As part of the POLY curriculum of the ENSPM - IFP School, Mr Christian Pech gave his course "Gas and LNG seminar" to 6 students for 3 hours.

Mr. Jehan-Eric Blumereau spoke at the conference entitled "European Institutions and Lobbying" before 10 students of the Institut Supérieur d'Optique, young apprentices-entrepreneurs whom the Institute intends to raise awareness of the importance of international markets.


Courses given in January

Courses in France:

Mr Jean-Paul Xavier made a "Planète Energies" presentation presenting the world of Enterprise and Energies to 21 students from CE2, CM1 and CM2 of the primary school of Barinque.

Mr Jean-Claude Sétier gave his course entitled "Environment" at the University of Marseille-Aix-en-Provence, CEREGE, Campus Saint-Charles. 60 Third and fourth year students from several Masters who all had a common "QSE training" attended this course.

He also gave this course at the Bordeaux I University, an interactive course that attracted the attention of 50 students by its "field" and practical aspects.

Mr Jacques Bousquet spoke on four half-days at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs en Arts Chimiques et Technologiques (ENSIACET) for his course entitled "Chemistry and chemical engineering for a sustainable industry".

11 students from various backgrounds (BTS, DUT ...) from the IUT Lannion have benefited during 8 half-days of the course "Management of project in the petroleum industry" of Mr. Michel Fouteau.


Courses in Belgium:

Mr Quentin de Borrekens gave his course "Sciences (secondary)" on 49 hours to 12 students of SAAVATUS.


Conferences in France:

Mr Jérémy Mineau gave his lecture "A day at the Grandpuits refinery" in front of 80 students in 4th and 5th year at the INSA in Rouen.

Mr. Eric de Merville spoke to 22 students from ISIGE-MINES ParisTech for his lecture titled "Oil and natural gas reserves".


Conference in Belgium:

75 students from the Saint Jean Baptiste Institute in WAVRE attended the conference entitled "Young people, chemistry and life sciences" presented by Mr Dominique Bouveret.

CUPB Summer School 10th anniversary ceremony

news - CUPB Summer School 10th anniversary ceremony.pdf

Lecture in Bulgaria

For the first time in Bulgaria, TPA  gave in may a lecture at the University "St Ivan Rilski" of Sofia

21 students attended the course of Jean Bera on offshore Drilling  

Lecture in Bolivia

A University in Bolivia has received a professor of TPA for the first time !

28 students of the "Escuela Militar de Engeneria" (EMI) located in La Paz took part in lecture of Mr Chomat titled "Seismic Petroleum Exploration".


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